Emergency Dental Care in Spokane, WA

Emergency Dental Care in Spokane, WA

Emergency dental care is often needed because of a trauma or injury to the mouth. A tooth may be knocked out or severe bleeding in the mouth that requires immediate medical attention. In other cases, a patient may experience severe pain, making it difficult to perform daily tasks like eating and talking. In these situations, our emergency dentist at Ash & Rowan Family Dentistry, can provide treatment to relieve the pain and address the issues immediately.

The Benefits Of Visiting an Emergency Dentist

Saves You Time

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, come to your emergency dentist as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your teeth and the rest of your mouth. Your emergency dentist will be able to address and correct the problem immediately so you can get rid of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience. 


Visit your emergency dentist when your tooth becomes damaged or broken. They can help fix the problem immediately rather than waiting days or weeks for an appointment with your regular dentist. This can help you to avoid uncomfortable pain or further damage to the tooth until your standard appointment time.

Lessens Your Pain

Dental emergencies can be painful, but our emergency dentist can immediately alleviate that pain with restorative treatment. Whether chipped or knocked out a tooth, your dentist will have the tools and materials you need for an emergency appointment. Urgent dental care is particularly beneficial if you have sustained a broken jaw or knocked-out teeth. If left untreated, these injuries can lead to long-term damage, so it’s essential to seek help as soon as possible.

Types of Dental Emergencies 

Knocked Out Tooth

Call your dental office immediately to come to see you right away. Sometimes, we can reinsert the tooth into its socket and splint it with a protective resin material while you await your appointment. In other cases, we recommend an implant-supported crown that looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache from an infection may be a sign of advanced decay or a cracked tooth. To ease the pain, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss to remove food particles between your teeth. Over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses can also help you feel better until you can visit your dentist for evaluation.

Jaw Injuries

Any injuries to the jaw can cause a lot of pain and stiffness and make it difficult for you to speak, eat, and drink comfortably. If the damage is severe enough, you may even have problems opening and closing your mouth without much pain or difficulty.

For more information about emergency dental care and how to address concerns before they become emergencies, visit Ash & Rowan Family Dentistry at 5528 N Ash St, Spokane, WA 99205, or call (509) 325-1886. We can examine your smile and recommend preventive treatments to help you keep your teeth healthy and prevent serious issues from occurring in the future.


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